‘After Christmas’ beauty tips

Want to have your perfect skin back after the overindulgence of alcohol, fat and sugar during the festive season? Here are some beauty tips:

  1. Drink water and moisturise your skin: Apart from the unhealthy diet, the changes in temperature and the travel to snowy destinations dehydrate our skin. It is recommended to increase the water intake so that our skin is healthy and the accumulated toxins are eliminated. Applying daily a moisturising cream, which is based on your skin type, is crucial to restore the lack of hydration and get a healthy and fresh looking skin! If the moisturising cream is not enough for your skin, you could implement your beauty routine with a toner, serum, emulsion and/or mask based on your skin’s needs and achieve the desired outcome.
  2. Use anti-oxidant cosmetics: Tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy meals contain free radicals, which speed up cellular aging and damage our skin. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals and restore the skin glow. Anti-oxidants, such as polyphenols, retinol, vitamins C and E, are found in certain cosmetics. Incorporate anti-oxidant products to your beauty routine and combat skin aging and dullness due to the festive season!
  3. Use anti-cellulite products: Due to unhealthy diet, water retention and the toxins, which are found in our cellulite-prone body areas, make our body skin less smooth and firm. There aren’t treatments for the elimination of cellulite. However, body scrubs and anti-cellulite creams can reduce cellulite significantly due to their active ingredients, such as caffeine and retinol.

Apart from the above mentioned beauty tips, regular exercise and a diet high in fruits and veggies are important.

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