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Εκτέλεση συνταγών
We fulfill medical prescriptions and ensure that the drugs are correctly labelled. We will answer your questions regarding the drugs, which were prescribed, the route of administration and/or the use of suggested devices and their cost. If it is necessary, we will contact your doctor to make sure that the correct drugs are dispensed. We try to have drug adequacy and fulfill your prescription immediately.
Also, we are a compounding pharmacy. Compounded drugs are drugs, which are prescribed by doctors and made by pharmacists. We have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to make reliable compounded drugs.
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Also, we provide advice on the treatment of minor health problems. If needed, we will suggest safe and efficient over-the-counted drugs, herbal or medical device drugs or suggest you to consult a doctor. Moreover, we will teach you how to use digital blood pressure measurement machines and blood glucose meters. Lastly, we give flu shot and provide medication therapy management services.
167 Konstantinou Karamanli Avenue
P. Box 54249 Thessaloniki Greece


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8.00-14.00 & 16.30-21.00

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